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Oil Tank Material: Steel or Plastic?

Oil tanks are obtainable in a couple of different material types – steel or plastic. While steel is the more durable option, plastic tends to be more affordable and easier to maneuver. So, which is the better choice? Both have advantages – it’s more about what would be ideal for you.

Advantages of Steel Oil Tanks

  • They’re durable. Steel is going to stand up stronger and longer than plastic against inclement weather or collisions with outside materials.
  • They’re theft-resistant. Oil theft can be a concern for some, and steel tanks will make siphoning oil a lot more difficult for potential thieves. They’re also heavier – and therefore harder to move.
  • They’re long-lasting. A steel tank can offer reliable protection for decades without breaking down.
  • They’re temperature-resistant. Here in Armstrong County, our winters can get really cold and our summers can get extra hot. A steel tank will be a lot more resistant to damage during these extreme temperature swings.

Advantages of Plastic Oil Tanks

  • They’re lightweight. If you ever need to move your tank, steel options are going to be next to impossible to maneuver. But plastic? That’s much more doable – this’ll make installation a lot easier too.
  • They won’t rust. Plastic doesn’t rust, so there’s no worry about keeping things rust-free and free from corrosion.
  • They’re less likely to leak. Because plastic doesn’t corrode like steel or metal might, there’s less chance of oil leaks occurring.
  • They’re less expensive. Plastic tanks are a lot more affordable than their heavy, steel counterparts.

What it really comes down to is your unique needs and preferences. Business owners that are concerned about security or theft may opt for a bigger steel tank, whereas if you need a smaller setup for personal use, you may find the plastic makes more sense.

Interested in a Maintenance Plan?

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