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Indoor air quality isn’t something homeowners often give a lot of thought to, but it can make a huge difference to those living within the household. Good air quality reduces illnesses, eases symptoms of asthma and allergies, and it can put less strain on your HVAC system too. Save money and breathe easier by investing in indoor air quality services with us.

Indoor Air Quality FAQ

How does poor indoor air quality affect health?

  • Exacerbates existing respiratory illnesses
  • Triggers new illness to form
  • Increases the risk of mold and mildew growth
  • Causes throat, nose, and eye irritation
  • Impacts sleep cycles
  • Takes a toll on mental health
  • Causes dry skin
  • Triggers headaches

Do indoor plants help air quality?

Some studies have revealed that plants can improve air quality in controlled settings, but when it comes to the air quality in your wide open home space? Not so much.

How can I combat pet hair and dander?

  • Stay on top of cleaning to keep hair levels lower in your air.
  • Do what you can to improve ventilation in your home.
  • Invest in air filtration products.
  • Invest in regular grooming sessions for your pet.
  • Be sure to regularly brush and bathe your pet at home.

How can homeowners improve air quality?

  • Change your air filters often, based on your unique household needs.
  • Vacuum, dust, and sweep regularly – and use EPA-approved cleaning products.
  • Regularly clean off any buildup on your vent returns.
  • Consult with an expert about indoor air quality improvements.
  • Book annual tune-ups for your HVAC system.
  • Open windows when you can.
  • Invest in humidity controls for your home.

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