Consider Upgrading to a High-Efficiency Furnace or Boiler for Your Armstrong County Home or Business

If it’s time to upgrade your furnace or boiler, consider a high-efficiency option. Although typically more expensive upfront, these options are known for saving homeowners money over time, while increasing home value and lowering their carbon footprint. Ready to take the plunge? Give the team here at 1 Stop Heating & Cooling a call today. We can handle all of your heating repairs, installations, and maintenance.

Benefits of High-Efficiency Furnaces & Boilers

  • Lower energy bills. Heightened efficiency means lower energy bills, as less fuel will be used to generate heat for your home.
  • Lower carbon footprint. These systems produce less gas emissions than older models, which means less of an impact on the environment.
  • Consistent heat. More efficiency results in more consistent, reliable heat for your living space – and more comfort overall.
  • Longer system lifespan. The less work your system has to put in, the longer it’s bound to last – which means you won’t be shelling out cash for a new one anytime soon.
  • Easy controls. New models of furnaces and boilers are easy to operate and control, so you can easily keep your home at your desired temperature.
  • Higher home value. The newer (and higher efficiency) your appliances are, the more your home value goes up – this is a big draw for future buyers.
  • Quiet operation. High-efficiency options are known for operating a lot more quietly than older, more traditional setups.

Why Trust a Professional for Furnace Installation?

Is hiring a professional HVAC tech a necessity for furnace installation? Or can you DIY?

We always recommend hiring an expert. This process can be dangerous if not handled correctly, and if any – even minor – mistakes are made, your risk of experiencing gas leaks, fire hazards, and more will increase significantly.

In addition, ensuring all proper coding requirements are met is imperative, as is choosing the right size furnace for your needs and preferences. Another question to consider – will your warranty still be valid if a professional doesn’t complete your installation? Most likely not.

Long story short – there’s a lot to consider and a professional will ensure nothing is missed or overlooked. That’ll guarantee you a system that will operate as safely and as efficiently as possible for the long haul.

Ready? We Can Set You Up Soon

Ready to get your new furnace installed and running? We’d love to help you out soon. Start booking your appointment online or simply give us a call today. Thanks for trusting us.


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