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We service, repair, and install air conditioners for folks in Sarver, Sarversville, Lernerville, Coal Hollow, Ekastown, Sandy Lick, Bricker Crossroads, Silverville, Cabot, Winfield Junction, Kepples, Leasureville, Lardintown, Freeport, and more.

Seeking a certified, licensed, and trustworthy crew to service, install, or repair your A/C system? We’ve got you covered. We offer air conditioning maintenance, ductless mini-split system installation, and anything your cooling system might require.

How Often Should I Schedule Air Conditioner Services?

Once per year is ideal for scheduling air conditioner tune-ups. Get your maintenance booked before the hot days of summer arrive, so you can rest easier knowing you’ll get the efficiency and relief you deserve – no matter how high the outdoor temps get.

Why annual maintenance?

Why is it imperative to get your A/C unit services annually?

  • Annual maintenance improves the overall efficiency of the system.
  • Annual maintenance helps to increase the lifespan of the system.
  • Annual maintenance allows us to spot minor concerns before they turn into big (and expensive to address) problems.
  • Annual maintenance typically results in more money savings overtime (because of all of the reasons listed above).

Call today to get scheduled, and be sure to rely on us for you heating needs too. We install and maintain heat pumps, radiant heat systems, and high-efficiency furnaces and boilers, and we can replace your oil tank, if needed, as well.

Looking for indoor air quality services? We’re here to handle that too.

Interested in a Maintenance Plan?

Want to ensure your heating and cooling system never misses a tune-up? Sign up for a maintenance plan to ensure our team can always stay on top of it.

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