You may be a music fan, but no one wants to hear a symphony of strange sounds coming from their A/C unit

We know how unsettling it can be to hear strange noises coming from your A/C unit, but don’t worry… As your trusted heating and cooling experts in Butler and surrounding areas, we’re here to provide clarity and peace of mind.

Let’s dive into the world of A/C noises and unravel the mysteries behind them. Hisses, hums, and squeals aren’t the sounds of normal functioning, but there’s an explanation when your unit begins making atypical noises – and getting to the bottom of it will help preserve the health and longevity of your system.

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What Noises Is Your A/C Unit Making?

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A faint hissing emanating from your A/C unit could point to a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant is the lifeblood of your A/C, so a leak can compromise its functionality. A hissing or whistling noise coming from the vents could also indicate issues with the ductwork, such as leaks or gaps. Leaky ducts mean the air isn’t being channeled as intended, compromising efficiency and elevating utility bills.

If you suspect a refrigerant leak, it’s time to call for a thorough inspection and repair. Addressing any leaks and sealing ductwork promptly can help restore efficiency and reduce unnecessary noise.

Clanking & Banging

If your air conditioning has suddenly become the percussion section of your household, you may have loose or damaged components in your system. If a part of the fan assembly, compressor, or another element is not secure and running well, the excessive vibration can make a lot of noise… and needs to be addressed before more damage is caused.

Repairing or replacing the damaged component should be able to put the banging to rest and restore order in your system.


A rattling racket can be caused by loose ductwork, debris in your ductwork, loose screws, or even a failing motor. In other words, if you’re hearing a rattle there’s troubleshooting that needs to occur.

Trying to localize where the noise is originating. If you can’t pinpoint it, we’ll be able to help you identify the issue upon examination.

Humming & Buzzing

A quiet, ambient hum can be part of the typical background noise of your A/C, particularly if it’s coming from the outdoor compressor unit…but pay attention! If it becomes louder or changes in pitch, it could point to an issue with the compressor motor or electrical components, such as a faulty capacitor or loose wiring.

Be sure to get right on top of hiring a qualified technician to prevent potential fire hazards or damage to the unit’s electrical components.

Gurgling & Bubbling

These noises coming from the indoor unit are concerning, as they can indicate a refrigerant leak. As mentioned above, this can impair the performance of your A/C – but it can also pose health risks to humans and pets due to exposure to harmful chemicals.

In these cases, swift repairs are a must.

Screeching & Squealing

If you’re hearing a siren-like, high-pitched screeching, your system is telling you to take action. The noise may be a byproduct of worn-out fan belts, failing bearings, or a malfunctioning motor.

Your fan belt can become worn or misaligned, which can then cause it to slip or rub against other components. If that’s the case, simply adjusting or replacing the belt can correct the issue (and put the noise to rest).

However, as with most A/C issues, leaving the screeching unaddressed can cause the underlying issue to worsen and potentially cause further damage.

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Generally speaking, an unusual noise emanating from your A/C is an indicator that something is misaligned, loose, leaking, or in need of repair. Isolating and correctly remedying the situation is essential to the well being of your air conditioning system – and delaying maintenance, misdiagnosis, or improper repair can exacerbate problems and cause further breakdown.

Your A/C is responsible for keeping you cool and comfortable in the hot Pennsylvania summer months – and you need it to do that job, preferably with maximal efficiency. It can be disconcerting when your system is signaling a need for repair by making odd noises, but have no fear! We are well versed in the music of the home A/C system.

Turn your concern to action by calling us in to diagnose the issue and provide expert solutions.

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