Living near the East Coast gives you the ability to experience all of the seasons in their full glory. You get to spend hot summer days unwinding on the beach and you have the chance to wake up to fresh snow during the holidays. That said, because temperatures fluctuate as we cycle between seasons, that can place additional stress on your HVAC system.

Because of this, it’s crucial to regularly service your HVAC system with a professional in order for it to consistently meet the needs of your household – no matter what your thermostat reads.

Fortunately for those in Armstrong County and Butler County, 1 Stop Heating & Cooling is the go-to company for all of your HVAC needs. Residents can count on us for regular maintenance, and we’re also available 24/7 for emergency service. Schedule with us now by calling 724-664-1976 or get in touch with us online.

What Is an HVAC System?

HVAC is an abbreviation for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. HVAC systems allow you to control the temperature within your home to ensure your safety and comfort. HVAC systems also improve indoor air quality through ventilation and filtration. Some common HVAC systems include boilers, furnaces, central air conditioning units, and ductless mini-splits.

Should I Really Have My HVAC System Serviced Every Year?

Yes, you should have your HVAC system serviced every year. For your system to operate at its best, we actually recommend seasonal maintenance with two appointments per year – once before the heating season and once before the cooling season. A well-maintained HVAC system provides consistent and comfortable indoor temperatures and air quality.

By scheduling semi-annual inspections, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to catch potential issues early on before they become high-priced expenses which ultimately saves you money in the long run. An inspection can also reveal problems before they advance. Who wants to be without heating or air conditioning when you need it most?

In addition to all that, most HVAC manufacturers require you to keep up with maintenance or they will void your warranty leaving you responsible for the full costs of repair or replacement. It’s important to read the manufacturer guidelines, as following these maintenance recommendations can help extend the lifespan of your system.

What Time of Year Is Best for HVAC Service?

  • Springtime: Temperatures can get high in Armstrong County during the summer months. We don’t want you to run the risk of overheating, so you’re going to need your air conditioning to be ready to go in full force before that time comes. We recommend scheduling an appointment in the spring to have your HVAC system serviced and ready to go by one of our technicians.
  • Early fall: The weather can drop below freezing when winter is in full swing. You should schedule another inspection during the fall months to make sure your HVAC system can take on winter. Ideally, you should book appointments so that there’s a good amount of time before you need to rely on your HVAC system for heavy lifting. If we uncover an issue during one of our inspections, we’ll have plenty of time to get it taken care of before there’s a big change in the weather.

What Maintenance Options Does 1 Stop Heating & Cooling Offer?

We want you to rest assured that your HVAC system is in good working condition year-round. For your convenience, 1 Stop Heating & Cooling offers a Preventive Maintenance Agreement for our loyal customers. By signing up for the maintenance plan, you will get two checkups per year – one in the fall and one in the spring – to get you completely prepared for high-use times.

This plan automatically renews annually, but if you need to cancel for any reason, you can do so at any time by sending us a 30-day written notice before the renewal date. We also offer an option for monthly payments if that works better for you.

Don’t Wait to Service Your HVAC System – Schedule an Appointment Today

If you live in Armstrong County and Butler County, stay on top of your HVAC maintenance by scheduling an appointment with 1 Stop Heating & Cooling. We are fully licensed and insured, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified, and Weil McLain Factory trained.

Book an appointment for service and repairs, or ask one of our customer service representatives about enrolling in our Preventive Maintenance Agreement. You can trust us to handle whatever you need, just give us a call at 724-664-1976 or get in touch with us online.